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Personal Protective Equipment CE Marking

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CE Marking

Personal protective equipment enables user protection against hazards at work, at home or at leisure. There are mechanisms in the professional setting to achieve what the Union sees as an essential right that of health and safety at work.

European Union policy towards the personal protective equipment shall establish and remove impediments to trade in these products inside the internal market, as the fundamental health and safety requirements that are to be met by producers. The CE certification on the personal protective equipment shows that it meets those harmonised regulations and is sold in the European Economic Area and Turkey.

The EU Regulation 2016/425, required all the PPE placed on European Market must comply with this regulation. This divides PPE in three categories based on degree of risk involved i.e. more stringent certification process for high risk PPE.

  • Category I PPE – supported by a manufacture’s self-declaration. Category I PPE Provide protection against the lowest level of risk.
  • Category II PPE provides protection against normal risks. For this, the manufacturer submits sample of PPE for testing known as module B certificate
  • Category III PPE provides protection against the highest level of risk. This PPE is intended to provide protection against dangers which are serious and cause irreversible damage to health. For these products a module B certificate and a module C2 or module D certificate is required.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CE Marking
Product Applicable Standard
  • N95 Respirator
  • Coveralls
  • Surgical Gowns
  • EN 149
  • EN 14126, EN 13034 & EN 13688
  • EN 13795 & EN 14126

Applicable standards for PPE CE Marking


Steps for your PPE to achieve CE Certification

Benefits of CE Marking

  • Globally recognized safety and protective standards
  • Smooth trading of products
  • Assurance of safety and protection
Benefits of CE Marking
How can MAVEN help you

How can MAVEN help you?

  • Select and implement full CE conformity assessment procedure
  • Classification of PPE
  • Assist in product testing in accordance with European Standards
  • Choose Notified Body
  • Choose a consultant who will assist you in implementation of EC-type examination
  • Compilation of technical documentation
  • Verify the user manual, and labels
  • Draw up EC Declaration of Conformity

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