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    ISO 13485 is a quality management system for a medical device manufacturing organization, which is used to control the various processes within an organization so that manufactured products meet the established quality standards.

    Getting ISO 13485 certification includes documentation of quality policy, objectives, procedures and formats. Once the documents are prepared and implemented, the application is made to the Certification body who after a thorough Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit of the performance of an organization against the latest version of the ISO 13485 requirements decides if the certificate can be issued or not. This certificate is used for a period of 3 years and must be re-certified to maintain its ISO 13485-certification status. However, a surveillance audit is performed annually.

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    Benefits of ISO 13485 Certification

    ISO 13485 has several advantages that cannot be emphasised. Companies of all sizes have realised considerable cost and time savings, as well as other benefits from an effective Quality Management System. The following are six of the most compelling reasons to get ISO 13485 Certification for your organisation:

    • Raising customer satisfaction: ISO 13485 Quality Management System is based on a set of quality management principles, one of which is achieving customer satisfaction. This may be accomplished by analysing and attempting to satisfy consumer requirements and expectations. Customers understand what they want and need, and many would not even consider a non-certified source. Aside from that, guaranteeing the happiness of your present clients keeps them returning and helps you offer your services to new consumers. This directly correlates to higher income.
    • Enhance the credibility and image of your organisation: ISO 13485 Certification is the medical device industry’s internationally acknowledged gold standard for quality. Certification to this standard demonstrates to clients and consumers that your firm values quality and has a structure in place to achieve it. Your QMS may be a strong marketing tool, and in many countries, suppliers must demonstrate compliance. This means additional opportunities.
    • Improve your decision-making abilities: Another ISO 13485 quality management system is the use of evidence-based decision making. When you utilise facts and data to drive your decisions, such decisions are more likely to be aligned with your company’s strategic goals. While “gut feelings” may be appropriate in some social contexts, they can cause problems in the workplace. When you maintain track of the data, you will have more insight into the health of your processes and any improvements that are made.
    • Enhance your processes: It is considerably easier to identify possibilities for improvement when using the process method defined in ISO 13485 quality management system. You’ll be able to detect and remove waste inside and between processes, as well as decrease mistakes and avoid rework, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.
    • Improved staff engagement. Employees that are encouraged to assist search for ways to enhance their own processes will not only often give the finest information, but they will also be lot happier and more involved in the company’s success. The better your workers understand their roles in providing high-quality products and services, the more engaged they will be, resulting in greater efficiency and production. This is one of the best benefits of ISO 13485 Certification.
    • Establish a culture of continuous improvement. The notion of continuous improvement is an important element that forms the foundation of ISO 13485 quality management system. When established as a culture in your business, managers and employees will be constantly looking for methods to enhance how things are done. Everyone will spend less time cleaning up mistakes and more time producing excellent products and services if systematic methods for eliminating issues and managing their impacts are established.

    Maven helps you prepare the required documentation, help you implement systems accordingly, help conduct your first IQA and MRM and assist you during both stages of audit. Any non-conformities raised by the auditor are resolved by our assistance until it is assured that a manufacturer is being awarded with the certification. We customize your quality management best suited to your needs, processes, and available resources. It does not matter if your organization has only a few employees or a multinational or if your processes are outsourced, there is always a best-suited quality management system and we help you unlock the same.

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