Biological Evaluation Plan Template

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The purpose of this biological evaluation plan template file is to provide a comprehensive overview of the pre-clinical studies. Biological evaluation is an essential part of the pre-clinical testing phase as it involves evaluating how the product interacts with biological systems, tissues, and cells to ensure it is safe and compatible for use in humans. Biological Evaluation Summary Plan, Biological Evaluation Summary Report and Biological Safety and Risk Assessment documents serve as a record of all the relevant information pertaining to the pre-clinical testing phase, including the study objectives, methodology, results, and conclusions. Provide an overview of the purpose of pre-clinical testing for medical devices, emphasizing the importance of evaluating safety and performance prior to human clinical trials.

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  • Biological Evaluation Plan
  • Biological Evaluation Report
  • Biological Safety Risk Assessment
  • Identification of applicable biocompatible tests
  • Summary of pre-clinical testing

Purpose of the Biological Evaluation Summary Plan, Biological Evaluation Summary Report and Biological Safety and Risk Assessment Template

  • These templates outline a systematic and comprehensive approach for assessing the biological safety of a medical device that comes in contact with the human body. This evaluation in compliance with ISO 10993-1 ensures that the device does not cause adverse reactions, toxicity or harmful interactions with the body’s tissues and cells. The Biological Evaluation Summary Plan outlines the specific tests and evaluations to be performed during the biological evaluation process in adherence to the requirements of ISO 10993-1. It includes details on in vitro tests, animal studies, and other relevant assessments to be conducted to address potential risks associated with the product.
  • The Biological Evaluation Summary Plan provides a framework to identify and mitigate biological risks associated with the product. This may involve selecting appropriate materials, conducting specific tests to evaluate potential risks, and proposing risk control measures. This helps the manufacturer to provide evidence of the medical device’s safety for its intended use.
  • The Biological Evaluation Summary Report summarizes the results and conclusions drawn from the biological evaluation of a medical device. The report presents the findings of the biological evaluation studies and assesses the product’s biocompatibility and potential biological risks.
  • If any biological risks are identified during the evaluation process, the Biological Evaluation Summary Report outlines the measures taken to mitigate these risks. This could involve proposing design modifications, material changes, or other strategies to enhance the medical device’s safety.
  • The Biological Safety and Risk Assessment serves the purpose of identifying any biological hazards that may arise from the use of the medical device in compliance with ISO 10993 and ISO 14971. The assessment assesses the compatibility of the medical device with the human body. The document helps identify and characterize potential biological hazards, the assessment helps in determining the level of risk associated with the use of the product. This information is crucial for making informed decisions about the medical device’s safety.

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Who are these templates for?

These templates can be used by the manufacturers of MD and IVDs that are required to undergo pre-clinical testing and comply with the requirements of ISO 10993.