We are learning, we are growing


Mr. Ranjit Gaikwad

Pregna International Ltd

“Maven Profcon Services LLP” has been very professional in their work with us at “Pregna International Ltd.” The Team was able to quickly grasp what we wanted to accomplish and had some great ideas on how to achieve our goals through 1st official MDR training. They have a wide variety of implementation scenarios in their background that they could draw information from the demo that they put together with great example was well received. It generated a lot of interest and knowledge for the upcoming Medical Device Regulation. We highly recommend “Maven Profcon Services LLP” for any type of Medical Device Regulatory Services.

Mr. Dinesh Pokhariyal

Griportho Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.

We consider MAVEN PROFCON SERVICES LLP as an associate concern of Griportho and we have always counted on you for all our regulatory requirements. We shall always admire the way your support mechanism is in place with prompt responses & correct advices.

Mr. Regimants Baranovskis

SIA Simurg Balticum

I would like to appreciate level of service we’ve received from “Maven Profcon Services LLP” as highly professional, competent and proactive, maintaining agreed terms and at reasonable budget.

Sathish Kumar

SPICTRA – Head Manufacturing

1. What was the best thing about working with us?
– The best thing about working with you so far was that you were been available for us
any time as one of our company staff to provide immediate responses to the technical
queries raised by our Notified Body without any hesitations

2. What results has our work generated for your company?
– We have got re organized our technical file with the latest requirements of MDD which
had resulted in getting the CE certification for 7 categories of our products without
much difficulties in terms of compliance to the MDD.

3. What was your clients’ / the public reaction to our work?
– The Notified body didn’t have experienced any difficulty in reviewing the file as it was
compiled with all the relevant information and was organized in a clear and neat format.