Risk Management Report Template

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This template provides comprehensive overview of the results and conclusions derived from the complete risk management activities associated with the device. Aligned with the standard EN ISO 14971:2019/A11:2021 and guideline ISO/TR 24971:2020, this document summarizes the risks associated with the device throughout its entire lifecycle.

It provides a condensed yet thorough summary of risk management activities conducted at various stages, including planning, development, design transfer, production, post-production, and disposal. It outlines the identified risks, their severity, probability, and associated mitigations implemented to address them. By consolidating the results and conclusions of risk management activities, this document enables stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the device’s risk profile and the effectiveness of risk mitigation measures implemented throughout its lifecycle.

This template is designed by highly experienced professionals for all medical device companies. Click below to get a preview of this template.