Final Inspection or
Quality Plan Template

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Final Inspection Quality Plan Template

An Inspection/Quality Plan lays out a programme of inspections at points of failure during the life-cycle of a medical device, in order to ensure that the process is in compliance with required specifications. Inspection/Quality Plans are used to comply with the requirements of the ISO 13485 standard related to control of production and service provision.

A common point of failure is ‘finished goods” – particularly for manufacturers. Once the manufacturing process is completed, the manufacturer wants to make sure that the product is in compliance with the specification and avoid faulty products from entering the market . This template contains provisions for test method, sampling quantity, test specification, test frequency etc.

This template is written specifically for early-stage medical device companies and is audit ready and is written by highly experienced professionals. Click below to get a preview of this template.

Final Inspection/Quality Plan Template:

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