Continual improvement Program

Continual improvement Program

Maven offers you a yearly programs (standard / customised) to maintain your Regulatory requirements without any hassle.

Standard programs:
Annual Contract for Quality Management Systems which includes Regular visits to observe the effective of Systems, update required documents for organizations benefits

Continual improvement is necessary for the Quality Management System not only to maintain existing standards but to enhance and improve customer satisfaction. The organization can achieve better customer satisfaction through the improvement of products and services, correct, prevent, and reduce processes that result in bad effects, and improve the QMS.

If there are any nonconformities arising from any product / process, the organization will have to act and rectify them, and bear all consequences arising from the nonconformity.
To deal with nonconformity, the organization shall:

  • Review and analyse the issue.
  • Determine the causes of the nonconformity.
  • Determine if similar nonconformities exist.
  • Implement actions if necessary.
  • Review the usefulness of the rectification.
  • Update risk in planning if necessary.
  • Amend and update changes in the QMS if necessary.
  • Information regarding the QMS should be documented and retained as evidence of the rectification actions taken.

Further informing or getting necessary approval son these changes from Regulatory authorities is key process.

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